Chef Tomer Tal

Motivated by the grand atmosphere of the property and its storied past, the new dining establishment pairs modern Israeli dishes with broader Mediterranean influences. Chef Tomer Tal carries out true a sustainable from approach inspired by   Jaffa as location, the proximity to the beach, and growing up on a farm. Tals’ culinary language fusing antique and modern cooking techniques, such as smoking, grilling, pickling, as well as use local, indigenous herbs and high-quality products. The result is an elevated dining experience featuring a menu that is a personal interpretation of the contemporary Israel cultural and gastronomic melting pot.

“The proximity to the Mediterranean and the plentiful yet ever changing catch plays a key role in the creative process of my dishes and their composition; I am an advocate of fresh sustainable seasonal Ingredient not overly manipulated.

The catalysis for the drama and the creative process are the glamour of the venue, the history, and the level of cuisine I am committed too through the affiliation to The Leading Hotels of the World. I am motivated to create a culinary experience that offers elegance, is globally appealing yet at the same time is dramatic, exciting, unique, original and authentic. My cuisine is my way to invite patrons to a journey to all the layers that shaped me as a chef – my origins, my traveling and the influences that effected me.”

Executive chef Tomer Tal has resurrected this historical restaurant using unique cooking techniques, including smoking, grilling, pickling and use of local, indigenous herbs and quality products. Chef Tomer is one of our leading young Israeli chefs with experience from top Israeli restaurants. George & John gleans on the rich historical story of the Drisco brothers, who acquired a three-story stone house 150 years ago, to fulfil their dream of opening “Le Grand Hotel”. In 1870 the first hotel outside the walls of Jaffa opened to the public and hosted the rich of America, England and Germany.

Reviews and accolades

“Tomer Tal introduces innovative creative, well-thought, and composed dishes.”

Sagie Cohen Haaretz May 24, 2019

·.”…….and then appeared the extraordinary octopus dish. It is one of those unique dishes that once you ate it,you are forever hooked and you will crave it, and be back to George&John time and time again.”

Hilik Gurfinkel, Globes Magazine  May 10, 2019

· ”       The food at George&John offers a pronounced narrative of original talent and the meticulous nature of perfection”Avi Efraty, Walla News April 8, 2019



Opening hours:

Brunch Buffet:
Sun.-Thur. 07:00-11:00
Fri.-Sat. 07:00-13:00

Dinner at George & John:
Sun.-Fri. 18:30-23:00



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