Evening Menu

  • Our Handmade Bread 48

    Sourdough Bread, Za'atar Mofletta, Spinach Cracker, Focaccia with Burnt Potatoes, Spicy Peppers and Garlic Confit, Black & White Eggplant Cream, Nabali Olive Oil

  • Raw Fish Platter 320

    Leerfish on the Bone, Toro Tuna tartar in Gherkin, Yellowtail Sashimi, Beetroot Vinaigrette and Yellow Beetroot, Loquat in Geranium Syrup , Pickled Celery, and Pickled Spicy Peppers

  • Dentex Sashimi on the Bone 125

    Homemade Bonito Katsuobushi, Local Caviar, Black Radish in Yuzu Kosho, Lemon Juice, Aromatic Greens

  • George & John Salad 86

    Mixed Greens, Pears and Seeds in Black Pepper, Honey, and Citrus Zest Vinaigrette

  • Lightly Cured and Smoked Sea Fish 98

    Ratte Potato Chips, Black Eggplant Cream and Kefir Cheese

  • Sea Fish Sashimi 98

    Yuzu Citrus, Spiced Pomelo, Blood Orange and Purple Basil Vinaigrette, Rose Petals Sprayed with Orange Flower Water

  • Sea Fish Tartare 98

    Fresh Turmeric and Kumquat Sauce, Jalapeno Vinaigrette and Veggies

  • Roasted and Smoked Kohlrabi 84

    Chives Oil, Feta Cheese, Fresh Zaatar, Grenadine and Do’a Spice Blend

  • Rump Tartare 128

    Grilled Shiitake Mushrooms with Sage, Beurre Noisette Aioli, Demi-Glace and Bone Marrow Brioche

  • Grooper and Lamb Kebab 145

    Eggplant cream, Labaneh, Green Garlic Oil and Leaves Salad

  • Roasted Lamb Slowly Cooked 194

    Lamb Stock in Spices Caramel, Lahuh, Crispy Leaves, Peanuts and Shifka Ketchup

  • Meat Steak 184

    Josper Grilled, Glazed Parsley Root, Beef Stock, Mashed Potato and Roots

  • Pici Calamari and Octopus 158

    Anchovy Butter, Parsley, Garlic, White Wine, Crab Bisque and Egg Yolk

  • Tortellini 138

    Stuffed with Pecorino Stock, Brown Shallots Butter, and Black Oil

  • Roasted Sea Fish 186

    Celery Root Gratin, Braised Celery Stalks, Beurre Blanc Dashi and Celery Leaves Oil

  • Lamb Sirloin 215

    Seared in Charcoal with Coriander Seed Caramel Sauce, Kebab of Chopped Fillet & Fat, Pistachio & Parsley Tahini, Lamb Neck Tortellini, Brown Chicken Stock and Aromatic Coriander Roots

  • Whole fish 185

    Roasted in 72 hours Cooked Pumpkin Glaze, Roasted Green Bean Skewer

  • * The menu is daily and may be changed
  • ** The dishes and prices may be changed from time to time

Chef Tomer Tal

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