Evening Menu

  • Tri Tip 210

    Josper Grilled, “Kara’a” ,a Vegetable from the Pumpkin Family, in Tomato and Cashew Glaze

  • Slowly Cooked Roasted Lamb 210

    Lamb Stock in Spices Caramel, Lahuh bread, Crispy Leaves, Peanuts and Shifka Ketchup

  • Hanger Steak 220

    Josper Grilled, Classic Chimichurri, Potato in Two Textures, Crispy Gratin, Creamy Purée

  • Tortellini 110/160

    Stuffed with Pecorino Stock, Brown Butter and Black Garlic Sauce with Broccomini, Young Pecorino Tuile

  • White Grouper 220

    Charcoal Grilled Fillet, Cherry Tamar Tomato Cream, Moist Maggi Tomato, Tomato Powder, Socca Bread Arais, Grouper Kebab, Whipped Eggplant Cream, Grouper in Tempura, Lettuce, Herbs and Aromatic Chili Oil

  • Lamb Sirloin 240

    Seared in Charcoal with Coriander Seed Caramel Sauce, Kebab of Chopped Fillet & Fat, Pistachio & Parsley Tahini, Lamb Neck Tortellini, Brown Chicken Stock and Aromatic Coriander Roots

  • Whole Dentex 290

    Roasted in 72 hours Cooked Pumpkin Glaze, Served with Broccoli

  • * The menu is daily and may be changed
  • ** The dishes and prices may be changed from time to time

Chef Tomer Tal

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