Evening Menu

  • Beef Tartare 95

    Finely Chopped Rump, Roasted Shitake Mushrooms, Brown Butter Aioli, Bone Marrow and Roasted Onion

  • Sea Fish Sashimi 95

    Avocado cream, Jalapeno and Lime Sauce, Coriander Flowers and Caviar

  • Blue-Fin Tuna Tartare 90

    Rapped in a Watermelon Shell, Plum Salsa Coriander and lime

  • Plate of Pickled Fishes 95

    Spanish Mackerel with Burnt Potato, Rostered Eggplant, Yolk Cream and Lemon Zest, Pickled Sardine with Poaches Asparagus and Roasted Tomatoes Sauce, Smoked Swordfish With Whipped Anchovy Butter

  • Asparagus in Charcoal Grill 90

    Fried Capers Vinaigrette and Garlic, Thistle Cheese and Za'atar

  • Octopus on Skewer 95

    Thinly Sliced, Black Olive Oil, Parsley Salad, Mung Bean," Zhug', Almonds and Remoulade

  • Grilled Calamari 95

    George and John Flakes & Brown Crab stock

  • Potato Gnocchi & Homemade Ricotta 115

    Black Spinach, Parmesan Stock, Sun-dried Tomatoes and Turkish Spinach

  • Har gow "Middle East" Dumplings 115

    Smoked Wheat and Mushrooms, herbs, Olive Oil Sauce, White Wine and Greens

  • George & John Crab Pasta 125

    Sweet Corn Cream, Brioche & Sage Cream, Brown Butter & Bottarga

  • Okra Staffed with Chopped Shrimps 125

    Herbs and Bone Marrow, Shrimp Stock, Butter and Lemon

  • Sweetbread 125

    On Olive Branches, Yogurt and Herbs Sauce, Broadbean In Brunt Lemon and Chopped Coriander

  • Roasted Lamb Short Ribs Slowly Cooked 125

    Socca Bread, Tzaziki, Onions and Herbs

  • Grouper Steamed and Smoked 145

    Tomatoes and Eggplant Consume, Tomatoes, Peppers and Lime Chutney

  • "Double" Lamb Chops 145

    Roasted in Charcoal Grill, Cabbage Stuffed with Rice and Herbs, Charred Onion with Lamb Fat, Lamb Glaze and Tamarind

  • Whole Sea Fish 65 ILS per 100 gr

    Roasted in 72 Hours Pumpkin Glaze, Served with Greens White Wine & Garlic

  • Chateau Beef Fillet 320

    Bone Marrow, Soft Mashed Potatoes & "Broccoli Steak" With Parmesan

  • Steak on the Bone 70 ILS per 100 gr

    Bone Marrow, Soft Mashed Potatoes & "Broccoli Steak" With Parmesan

  • * The menu is daily and may be changed
  • ** The dishes and prices may be changed from time to time

Chef Tomer Tal