Rosh Hashanah Evening Menu

  • Middle course – selection of one for each guest
  • Thai Okra

    Thai Okra | Filled with Knife Chopped Grouper, Beef Bone Marrow and Herbs, Tamarind Glaze, Roasted Cherry Tomato Sauce, Grouper Stock

  • George & John Crab Pasta

    George & John Crab Pasta | Sweet Corn Cream, Brioche & Sage Crumbs, Brown Butter and Bottarga

  • Sweetbread

    Sweetbread | Roasted in Caramelized Fennel Glaze, White Garlic Sauce, Green Oil and Pickled Celery Stalk

  • Main course – selection of one for each guest
  • Nose to Tail” Pumpkin

    “Nose to Tail” Pumpkin | Pumpkin Tortellini, Pumpkin Flower Stuffed with Pumpkin Seeds, Pumpkin Stems Blanched in Pumpkin Sauce and Olive Oil

  • Lamb Spareribs

    Lamb Spareribs | Glazed in Lamb Stock and Spice Caramel, Lahuh, Crispy Leaves, Peanuts and Green Shifka Ketchup

  • Grouper Roasted in Charcoal

    Grouper Roasted in Charcoal | Spinach Water Sauce with Red Grouper Stock, Spinach Rotolo and Yogurt Bechamel

  • Jumbo Shrimp Roasted in Charcoal |

    Jumbo Shrimp Roasted in Charcoal | Green Tomato salsa, Lemon Crème Fraiche, Gazpacho of Shrimp Heads and Tomatoes, Oregano and Burnt Onion Salsa, and Delicate Crepes

  • Thin Hanger Steak Grilled in Josper

    Thin Hanger Steak Grilled in Josper | Pickled Unripe Melon, "Nopal Cactus" Pickled in Jalapeno and Roasted, Tamarind Glaze

  • Dessert – selection of one for each guest
  • Pistachio

    Pistachio | Mascarpone Pistachio Chantilly, Blond Chocolate and Pistachio Ganache, Milk Ice-Cream with Cherries

  • Chocolate Porcini

    Chocolate Porcini | Different Textures of Chocolate, Almonds Praline and Hazelnut Ice – Cream

  • Japanese Cheesecake

    Japanese Cheesecake | Soft and Fluffy Cake with Orange Caramel, Kumquat Jam, Candied Ginger and Ricotta Ice - Cream

Friday 15.09.23

Price per diner: NIS 600.

The price does not include drinks / does not include alcohol / does not include service.

Chef Tomer Tal

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